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As clinical perfusionists we provide extracorporeal circulation support in patients undergoing a cardiothoracic surgical intervention. We also provide pre-, intra- and postoperative autotransfusion techniques reducing, possibly avoiding, use of donor blood when undergoing surgery. We provide these techniques not only in cardiac surgical procedures but for any major surgical intervention like for instance in orthopedic surgery. We are also involved in wound healing techniques based on preparation of platelet gels from the patient’s own blood.

ECCare offers services to hospitals, institution, companies and organizations who are involved in cardiac surgery and the treatment of high risk cardiology patients, blood saving strategies, blood management techniques and research.

isala innovation award
Posted by eccare December, 2017

New Website

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website. After being long overdue our website finally receive a makeover. We hope to keep you better updated on our activities and provide new content soon.

isala innovation award
Posted by eccare December 2017

Scenario ECLS training

The ECCare partnership organizes unique scenario training

The ECCare partnership organizes unique scenario training, focusing on ECLS support. This part of the day consists of several presentations given by IC nurses, intensivists and perfusionists, discussing all facets.
For IC nurses, all matters important to the IC are considered. That consists of wound care, monitoring and registration of all measurements and appointments made around ECLS support. In addition, there is a team of IC nurses who are extensively trained by the perfusionists, with all ins and outs being considered by the support system.
The intensivists discuss the medical background, looking at what type of support is necessary. The results and studies are also discussed.
The perfusionists tell about the different systems, the way of cannulating and the various cannulas and the calamities and how to act during a calamity.

Following these presentations, a wet lab session will be held in which different scenarios will be used with the help of a simulator and a training set on the substructure system.

robotic surgery

Hemoclear project

Posted by eccare May 2017

ECCare takes part in the Hemoclear project, a low cost, non-hardware dependent filtering device designed to optimize intraoperatively shed blood for retransfusion.
One of the many area’s of use is in medical posts out or reach of regular hospital care which is common in many third world countries.

30000 perfusions

30,000th perfusion procedure

Posted by eccare May 2nd, 2012

One year ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Isala Klinieken Heartcentre, perfusionists of ECCare performed the 30,000th extracorporeal circulation in support of a cardiac surgical procedure. Although ECCare came in to existence only late 2009, all current members were previously employed by the Isala Klinieken and as such involved in all perfusion procedures.

Extracorporeal circulation at the Isala Klinieken Heartcentre has evolved immensely over the past 24 years. Initially only perfusion procedures were performed. Nowadays this has expanded to extracorporeal support procedures outside the OR setting as in ECMO or ECLS and bloodmanagement as well.

croatian colleques

training croatian collegues

Posted by eccare June, 2014

Over the last weeks we had the honour of welcoming our collegues from the University Hospital Centre Zagreb. Their team receives a training on using centrifugal pump/closed systems and the implementiion of several associated techniques. Though intended as a training their visit evolved into an exchange of perfusion experiences on both sides. The team of chief perfusionist Stjepan Strancarić is involved in all aspects of extracorporeal circulation in both adults and pediatrics.

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